Press Release: ORYX Announces ORYX Pistol Chassis

Posted by ORYX on 2022 Mar 29th

Press Release: ORYX Announces ORYX Pistol Chassis logo


ORYX Announces ORYX Pistol Chassis

ORYX is excited to announce the addition of the ORYX Pistol Chassis. The ORYX Pistol Chassis is a small chassis system purpose-built for bolt action pistols or rifles. The new ORYX Pistol Chassis allows you to build a custom bolt-action pistol in a variety of calibers.

This compact chassis system is available for right-handed Howa Mini Action and the short action Remington 700 firearms.

The ORYX Pistol Chassis has a 1913 MIL-STD/Picatinny interface to complement a Sig style AR-15 buffer tube or a folding pistol brace. The action inlet is machined for a right handed operation of the bolt.

This compact chassis system features an 8-inch forend and is currently available for the Howa Mini Action and the short action Remington 700. M-LOK slots running along the bottom of the 8-inch forend facilitate the attachment of an interface for bipods, tripods, and ARCA rails. A flared magazine well, designed for AICS pattern magazines, speeds up the loading process and serves as a barrier stop. Made of hard anodized T6061 aluminum, the chassis comes equipped with Modular Driven Technologies' ergonomic MDT Pistol Grip.

Weighing in at 2.09 lbs, the ORYX Pistol Chassis is the perfect platform for an ultra-compact firearm. The ORYX can accommodate a 1.25" straight taper barrel and has an overall length of 18.46".

The ORYX Pistol Chassis is now available with a starting price of $349.95. Check out for more information.

About ORYX

ORYX was established in 2018 by MDT Sporting Goods Ltd. ORYX's aluminum chassis offers features commonly found on high-end chassis systems at an affordable cost yet without sacrificing quality.

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Oryx pistol chassis remington 700

Bolt-action pistol chassis inlet

bolt-aciton pistol chassis buttstock

bolt-action pistol chassis M-Lok forend

Folding buttstock adapter on ORYX

ORYX Bolt-action pistol chassis .223 Howa 1500

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