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The ORYX Sportsman rifle chassis was developed as an affordable alternative to a conventional bolt action or 10/22 rifle stock. Designed with both long range precision and hunting portability in mind - the ORYX Sportsman provides superior ergonomics through it's specialized design. 

The ORYX Sportsman chassis brings your bolt action or 10/22 rifle to the next level in versatility and ergonomics, with an instant improvement in accuracy.

The drop-in style chassis is easy to install onto your action and comes with everything you need (except magazine) to get out and get shooting. It's available from common inlets including the Remington 700, Savage 110, Tikka T3/T3x, Howa 1500 and more long action and short ation format.


Thinking of building a long range competiton rifle? The ORYX chassis is an excellent platform for precision rifle competition. It has all the required features to be dangerous at a long distance without all the bells at whistles; making it affordable and practical.

NRL Spain 1st place with ORYXNRL Hunter 1st Place with ORYX

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  • Chassis comes with panels in ODG, replacement colors available here.
  • Weight: 4.2lbs
  • LOP: 13 - 13.5" (Additional LOP can be achieved with our spacer kit)
  • Material: 6061 Aluminum
  • Finish: MIL Spec Type III hard anodize
  • Accepts AR-15 Grips (included)
  • M-LOK accessories supported with slots along underside of forend. Great for ARCA or picatinny rails. 
  • Uses AICS pattern magazines (not included)
  • Free floating barrel
  • Maximum barrel diameter of 1.250"
  • It's available for many popular rifle actions like the Remington 700 and clones, Tikka, Savage and more.
  • M-Lok accessories are easily attached to the bottom of the forend.
  • Supports multiple Calibers, from .22LR, .223, 6.5 creedmoor up to .338 Lapua Magnum


Magazine Compatibility

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Howa LA 3.715" magazine
Howa Mini Factory magazine OR MDT MambaMag (Coming Fall 2022)
Howa Mini Youth Factory magazine OR MDT MambaMag (Coming Fall 2022)
Howa SA SA AICS magazine
Remington 700 SA SA AICS magazine
Remington 700 LAA 3.715" magazine
Remington 783 SA SA AICS magazine
Ruger American SA SA AICS magazine
Savage Axis SA SA AICS magazine
Savage Axis LA 3.560" magazine
Savage SA SA AICS magazine
Savage LA 3.715" magazine
Tikka SA SA AICS magazine
Tikka T1X Factory magazine


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